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Throughout the Culture Collective’s first eighteen months, we plan to hold a series of Open Space events, facilitated by our friends at Improbable. These events are designed to build connections across the network, find areas of common interest, and act as a means to share insight and challenges.

Open Space events do not have a set agenda. On the day, participants self-organise to create their own agenda, allowing a dynamic and immediate response to the issues at hand. Any participant can timetable a topic (or “call a session”) on something that they want to work on and nothing is out of bounds. Once all the topics are timetabled, participants move into smaller, flexible breakout groups and get to work on the things that they feel most passionate about.

Our first Open Space event was held in July 2021, and centred around an exploration of how we turn a series of projects into a collective, or a network, asking:

“How can we work together to make our Culture Collective more than the sum of its parts?”