In March 2023, 65 folk from across the Culture Collective network gathered for a three day residential at Comrie Croft, Perthshire. Collectively representing 20 of the 26 Culture Collective projects, the residential was an opportunity to be together, share practice, reflect on learning, develop skills and forge connections. A programme of activity (spanning the themes of practice, movement and wellbeing) was devised and delivered by attendees, covering topics as diverse as neurodiversity, working in the justice system, positive procrastination, choice theory, puppetry, group singing and collaboration tools.

In addition, a programme of short films produced by the projects were shared one evening, and an evaluation session with Rachel Blanche of QMU took place on the final morning. Feedback from the residential confirms the importance of this time together, and the value practitioners take from coming together in this way. Our resident photographer, Jaz Grady, captured some photos of our time together.

Photo credits: @JazGradyArtist / @StrangerAndFiction