At Culture Collective, part of our role is to celebrate and advocate for the role of culture in communities, and for artists and freelancers. We share our advocacy activity here, for transparency, reference, and in the hope that it feeds into wider activity in this space.

In April 2023 we submitted a response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on an International Culture Strategy. In developing this strategy, the Government said:

“The development of an International Culture Strategy will seek to provide greater coherence to how the Scottish Government supports international cultural activity. It will focus on the motivations of culture sector stakeholders in working internationally, while recognising that such work has wider impacts on Scotland’s international reputation and relationships”.

We were keen to make sure that the specific experiences of community-engaged artists were included in the development of this strategy. We shared our experience from the network, including examples from Art27, EVOLVE Seedhill, Young Quines and TRACS. You can download our full response here.